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In the last month many people came and went in our team, and it's not as good as it seems. We only need people who are serious about being one of us, and really want to help and work with us. We are a serious team with ambitious plans, but we are getting running out of time. We must start at least the open beta test in August, but we have still many things to do, and we are not enough. We are working on this project from day to night, and we are very close to the server start, but we can't make it if only those people are joining who are not serious about it. 


It takes many time to deal with the new teammates. We have to introduce our project better, we have to find out their skills, we have to find them tasks that they can perform. It takes that time that we could also give to development. So I can say that those one-day-men are just pulling us back. 

We won't give out our files, we won't give you access for anything, and we also won't tell you all the details of every of our projects, only those what you have to do. Only time can build trust, and we experienced enough that many people are unreliable, and we have a good reason to be careful. 


We are working on this project for one and half years and we won't stop in front of the destination. Since we started this project, we reset and recoded almost everything again to make them better, to make them clearer, to make them more stable. We are perfectionists, but as I said, we are not enough for our perfectionism. We need more helping hands. You don't have to be professional as long as we can use your knowledge, and we can use many knowledges. You can also learn from us, but only if you do enough to be worth to invest our energies into you. We also need supporters from many countries, because most of our members speak only Hungarian and English, so we need people who can deal with those players who will need help but don't speak any of these languages. 


If you want to join us as a translator or developer, be ready that you'll have many things to do. We are still having thousands of lines to translate (especially in German), and many projects to be programmed. And I promise that you won't regret it. You can be a part of a good company and a great and unique project, and soon you can say that yes, you took your part from it. Also everyone will earn what they deserve once we can start finally.


Maybe you don't find us enough attractive to invest your energy into us, but as we also mentioned in the presentation, we can only show you our finished projects, and we are still having many that needs improvement before we present them. What you can see in this presentation is not all of our knowledge and ideas, only a little piece of it.


I don't want to discourage anyone from joining us. I want you to join us, because we need you, even if you don't consider yourself a professional. But we need hard-working people, who can work at least some hours for us per days. We won't force you to do things you don't want, everyone can do in our team what they want. But we want you to do it well and fast, because soon we'll run out of time.


Thanks for reading it. :)


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I tried a while ago to make my own Metin2 Server, but I kind of failed... before I could even open it, because my team would always leave me, one member after another. I've seen people and people, and I'm aware that the good guys are really rare.


I wonder if you need a PHP developer, because I'd be glad to help. Also, my skills in .quest scripting are average to advanced.


If not, I'm still considering becoming a translator / Game Master or whatever for you, since I'm a native Romanian.


I'm waiting for a reply :).

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Exynox, I'm glad to hear your interest, please add me on skype for the further discussion: babi_nennye


For the others: I forgot the update the topic, actually the given email address is out of service, so we can't read the messages you send us. But feel free to add me on skype and speak about the topic :)

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