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Bug wolfman attbonus and resist

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["RESIST_WOLF"] = 92,
["RESIST_CLAW"] = 94,
The lycan stone does not work , it have value 93  ( it put on weapons but the dmg is same ) .
The resist wolf example : belt +9 with applyvalue 92 ( it put on me , but the dmg is again the same ) .
I think the problem is from game or item attr ? can you explain me  how to check if in game are the same values?
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Take a look at your "battle.cpp" in the game source at the function "CalcAttBonus".

else if (pkVictim->IsPC())
		iAtk += (iAtk * pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_ATTBONUS_HUMAN)) / 100;

		switch (pkVictim->GetJob())
			case JOB_WARRIOR:
				iAtk += (iAtk * pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_ATTBONUS_WARRIOR)) / 100;

				iAtk += (iAtk * pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_ATTBONUS_ASSASSIN)) / 100;

			case JOB_SURA:
				iAtk += (iAtk * pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_ATTBONUS_SURA)) / 100;

			case JOB_SHAMAN:
				iAtk += (iAtk * pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_ATTBONUS_SHAMAN)) / 100;

Add your "JOB_LYCAN" or however it's named there.


//edit: Don't forget to do the same at the RESIST area.

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