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NPC-Name String-Limit

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You need to change names size in item_proto i think...

ofc not item != mob/npc


My mistake ^^


Ok Avenue, think.

In 2009 we can't edit client side mob_proto, we can only change things in database.

When we change npc name in database, it shows in game too.


So it's only my theory and i don't have to check this but you can ;>

Now we load mob_proto from text file. DB server loads npc_name from text file and send it to game server. Game server sending npc name while loading npcs after player choose character.

Packets: db <=> game, game <=> client.


If I change CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN to 48 (game & binary), I can't connect to the server

So tell me, where is syslog, syserr or something what can tell us what's wrong?
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