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UI: Serverinfo, CH outside minimap.py

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to figure how to modify official files to be able to see the server name and channel even on maps where it is not allowed due to limitations of uiminimap.py encrypted in binary file.


So far I have found is this

		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon_02" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon_03" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_devilsCatacomb" : FALSE,

which makes the restriction for the maps (please note that this is from the old version of root.eix), might differ from the actual code inside binary file. Since I am not able to unpack and use altered binary file due to some server protection I would be happy for any help finding a way to smuggle the code(s) inside any of the existing .py file to make that happen.


The part of .py file defined to make it shown is as follows

				## ServerInfo
					"name" : "ServerInfo",
					"type" : "text",
					"text_horizontal_align" : "center",

					"outline" : 1,

					"x" : 70,
					"y" : 140,

					"text" : "",

I can change the coordnates, align but thats so far it.


Thank you for your time


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