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As the title says the guilds don't load. I am working with mainline branch.

When I create the guild it's saying "Guild <Name> has been created." and it's in database too. If I try to create another one with the same name I get the error saying that another guild with the same name exists.

Syserr and syslog from channel is empty and on the syslog from db I found these:

GuildCreate 8
GuildWar: Name                 ladder 0     win 0   draw 0   loss 0  
GuildSkillUpdate 0

I guess nothing is wrong with creation.

So my guess is that the problem is at loading. But why guilds are not loading? Any ideas?


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I am sorry. It seems that the bug was made by me, but in guild.cpp, in function RequestAddMember I had a check for admins (I wanted to make a restriction) so the guild could be created by a admin, but they couldn't be assigned. I found this very late so I forgot to post.


So it's solved.


@Zonni, ty anyway. I appreciate.

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