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dCMS is searching for features



Hi there,


I'm searching for some cool new features to improve my CMS. It already got some nice features that aren't out there yet, but I won't tell you what for now. If you are able to help me improving this CMS you definitly will get some screenshots soon. Just tell me what you want to see in it. For those who will help me alot to find some features will receive a free version of it. All others have to pay for it later.


Also I'm searching for a cool design. It shouldn't be that big, for me it also can be a flat theme, because I'm working with my old server design and I won't sell this to anyone.


Best Regards



// edit:


I forgot to tell you that my CMS will be full ajax compatible. Even the itemshop and forum will be scripted with ajax.

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You can add server managment,for example you can shutdown/reboot/run or you can add reload commands like reload a,q,p etc.


That's definitly a bad idea. You need to imagine if your account get compromised, the thief is able to do bad things with your server tho. The other things like reloading admins, quests or player databases is okay, I will implement it.

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Hmm you're right I didn't think about that.Anyway since I'm out of ideas I'll give you some of mine which I implemented to my cms:


  • Ban list with reason and expire of the ban
  • GM command log
  • A wiki for the items(armors,weapons,accessories)
  • A wiki for the mob drops/metin drops(I guess you can create a function that will read the mob_drop_item.txt)
  • A wiki for the mobs for example you can select a specific mob and it will show you the : level,exp,hp,max dmg-min dmg,which items does it drops,what resist bonus does it needs, etc,etc,etc
  • A map wiki that will shows you what mobs can you find there(you can read regen.txt to get the data)
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