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[Help] can't enter OX event map



Hello everyone


I just wanna test OX event but when i enter /go ox my client shut down and if i want to login agian it stucks on this screen.




This is what syerr says:

1225 14:35:08221 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=137) - Strange Skill Need Weapon(CLAW)
1225 14:35:08221 :: CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillDesc(dwSkillIndex=139) - Strange Skill Need Weapon(CLAW)
1225 14:35:18621 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR
1225 14:36:19750 :: GRANNY: r:/granny/rt/granny_file_info.cpp(145): File has run-time type tag of 0x8000000f, which doesn't match this version of Granny (0x80000010).  Automatic conversion will be attempted.
1225 14:36:20598 ::  CArea::LoadObject Property(4118580204) Load ERROR
1225 14:36:36240 :: Traceback (most recent call last):
1225 14:36:36240 ::   File "networkModule.py", line 239, in SetGamePhase
1225 14:36:36241 ::   File "game.py", line 105, in __init__
1225 14:36:36241 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 294, in MakeInterface
1225 14:36:36242 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 256, in __MakeTipBoard
1225 14:36:36242 ::   File "uiTip.py", line 182, in __init__
1225 14:36:36243 ::   File "uiTip.py", line 189, in __LoadFrameImages
1225 14:36:36243 :: RuntimeError
1225 14:36:36243 :: : 
1225 14:36:36243 :: Failed to load image (filename: season1/interface/oxevent/frame_2.sub)
1225 14:36:36243 :: 
frame_2.sub is already there so i dont know what is wrong?
can somebody help me please.
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Extract season1 go to season1/season1/interface/oxevent open frame_0.sub frame_1.sub frame_2.sub Check of the name of the DDS file match with the name of the file in that folder if not edit the name.


Tip: rename the dds file to ox.dds and open the sub files and rename the dds file there to ox.dds


(This help for my problem)


Credits to Zerelth!

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Are you sure this file is exist in season1/interface/oxevent/frame2_sub ?


Check Index. Add it If index hasn't season1 pack name.


Kind Regards

Zerelth ~ Ellie

Do not be sorry, be better.

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Follow those steps If someone having this problem.

  • At first check the file in that file. Follow next step if file is existed.
  • Check image name in that file. Add it if file is not exist.

Kind Regards

Zerelth ~ Ellie

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Do not be sorry, be better.

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