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Blacksmith with source - Help!



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Ok, here's a quickly put together set of information to get you on your way.

- This function holds both the scrolls you are interested in

CHARACTER::DoRefineWithScroll(LPITEM item)

- If look for all the references to pkItemScroll in this function and delete them (along with the check for m_iRefineAdditionalCell), it will act exactly like a blessing scroll without needing any item (Do not edit the function itself, of course, create another).


- Blacksmith refines are called from InputMain::Refine, more precisely at:


You can edit this call to something else, but don't forget DT's smiths (which don't require items to upgrade):

ch->DoRefine(item, true);

- So, in essence, you can practically replace DoRefine with DoRefineWithScroll stripped of pkItemScroll and it will act as you want except that you'll have to code the specific cases for specific smiths, such as DT or guild ones (nothing *too* hard either, two or three "if"s or so).

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