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Hiring devs for Metin2 project


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Incase nobody knew this, I make English metin2 servers. Usually I find what I can and do what I can with what I can find online then customize it as much as possible if necessary. I know a little bit of alot of things but don't go hardcore into any specific language or task. I have the experience in running a good team of admins and making gameplay that players enjoy. What I lack is the resources/knowledge to gain the latest things that I sometimes want (or even sometimes older but more complex things that I can never seem to make work properly). I Want someone who can fix problems that I can't fix or create new systems for the server. You need to be able to work with the ideas given to you.


Would like to hire someone (payment to be arranged) for contracted work (or possible long-term employment?) for game development.


C++ Need stable and new game core with nice features (ie: extra inventory pages and other fun things).

Lua Need fun and creative quests. Can provide the ideas but need the execution.

Python Need useful client modifications for optimal player experience.

PHP For website stuff mostly. May not need this very much (or at all).

MySQL Just in-case, but probably don't need someone with excellent MySQL skills.

Graphical work Need nice looking website (and possibly client design)

Endurance You need to be able to deal with my attitude. I'm strict with the team and if we make a deal I expect you to honor it. I keep a close eye on what the team does to make sure that there's no corruption or other unfair treatment of players. I deal with problematic players my way, not always the most professional way but hey this is a pserver not official so not a big deal in my opinion. Every player gets equal respect until they do something extremely ridiculous and lose all their respect. I expect you to follow the chain of command if there is one and do things the way you're told, especially since you're being paid. You may or may not have access to strictly what you're working on.


Please reply to this thread with your skype or send me a pm if interested. 


Note: Anything that happens between us has no relation to metin2dev.org. Nothing personal or metin2 server related will affect your account here but your job/position may be compromised at the server if you post our server content here on metin2dev.org. Also, it's against rules to post content without permission from pservers on metin2dev.org so you would be punished accordingly if you do so.

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