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Hello, I was wondering how do I fix the vip system in my server ... have two problems and I cite both:
1-the distance of it, compared with the symbol GM is too far away, as you can see in the image that I leave below. I copied the script. mse to try GM let equal and yet still distant ...

2-the Vip stays with the symbol, but if I use an item, remove an item or do any simple action, like for example mount/exit the horse, the symbol disappears temporarily, and same if I re-logo or even push ESC.








Sorry for my bad english, i'm brasilian...

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1. use WorldEditor and make sure that the image doesn't have a white space at the bottom. (photoshop or its equivalent)

It didn't work, the image is the same "size" the symbol GM, even tried to duplicate the symbol GM and change the extension, but the distance stays the same.



Does not work. The VIP symbol is replaced by a yellow fire, but when I remove the armor or do an action he disappears.


you have to edit your msm file , in my opinion take the gm logo msm and replace it with vip msm and just change names and everything should be fine

if you need help doing this let me know  


Had already been edited and the same has not been solved, I copied the mse of the GM and it didn't work :/
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Im not realy sure but open your VIP .mse file and search for

List TimeEventPosition
        0.000000 "MOVING_TYPE_DIRECT" 0.000000 0.000000 110.150993

Change the last value (110.150993) to a lower number. 50.000000 for example.


I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! was solved.


But now we just need to get that error when I withdraw the weapon/armor/climb on the horse, or whatever the symbol disappears. (even when reload happens)
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