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erro sysser



SYSERR: Dec 17 02:01:13 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Endimion) from Name(TITANIC) VICTIM(478078,949377) SYNC(478080,949367)
SYSERR: Dec 17 02:01:28 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Urso Púrpura Feroz) from Name(TestMorte) VICTIM(429807,947238) SYNC(429807,947238)
SYSERR: Dec 17 02:01:36 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Tigre) from Name(KingOfWar) VICTIM(430929,946726) SYNC(430922,947080)
SYSERR: Dec 17 02:02:31 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Urso Púrpura Feroz) from Name(KingOfWar) VICTIM(431106,946551) SYNC(431106,946551)
SYSERR: Dec 17 02:02:44 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Javali Faminto) from Name(TestMorte) VICTIM(437308,950757) SYNC(437358,950724)




when you give this character error is disconnected from the game


game 40k mainline

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