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Different Staff Wanted!!

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Dear M2-Dev Community,


We are currently seeking reinforcements for our project!
In this regard, we are seeking support in every conceivable direction.

About us:
We are currently an existing team of three poeples, two of them as servertechnicians, who focus entirely on the scope of server technology, its structure, and setup.
In this regard, we are looking for reinforcements in several positions!

About the project;
Our project will take place in tinternational level.
It will be a middle school server that should adhere to high standards, far from any trashy factors.
Whether it's in terms of Quality of Life, Gameplay, Concept, or Structure, in every aspect, we strive to maintain the highest standard possible.
The project has been in development for more than 6 months now and is set to start its first beta phase this year.
So, until then, you could be part of the server's development if you're interested in joining the team.

What are we looking for?;
We are looking for support in the support area, Discord area, as well as in the administrative area of our server!

Positions seeking candidates;
GameMaster, Community Manager, Discord Admin, Promotion Manager, Team Admin, Developer



You are primarily responsible for later support and the satisfaction of our community. You should bring a certain level of maturity, transparency, and curiosity to become a long-term member of our team.
You should always have up-to-date information flow, and your responses to player questions should be as professional and conscientious as possible.


Community Manager:

You are the link between the administrative side and the player side, just like with the Game Master, you should bring a high level of maturity, transparency, and curiosity.

Also, a certain level of empathy and understanding for the respective situation of a player is important, even if some situations may sometimes be challenging.


Discord Admin:

You are responsible for the maintenance, setup, and availability of Discord and everything around it. Whether it's bots, chat channels, voice channels, or role distributions.

You should be well-versed in distributing rights. Bots, features, and their existence should not be foreign to you, and you should already have accumulated experience listed in your portfolio.


Team Admin:

Your role is the guidance, introduction, and training of new team members on our server. Settling problems, intervening in critical situations such as insults, bullying, or misunderstandings within the team, and finding a solution to any problems.

An organizational manner is required in this role, as team discussions and allocations will also be part of your responsibilities.

An authoritative leadership style and no form of insecurity in dealing with the team are required as a Team Admin in this position.


Promotion Manager:

For more information about this position, please contact us privately.



For more information about this position, please contact us privately.

If you feel adressed, feel free to contact me on Discord.

Thanks for reading!!

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