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[3DS] Skeleton import



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Welcome everyone.

I have one question because i never inderested on 3d modelling, so my question is - how to import skeleton from gr2 file? As i know we must have skleleton to create new armor.


Someone have right skeleton for all characters in metin2? What tool i must use to import skeleton to 3ds max?



Um another question ! :D

If I want to add new animations i must animate only skeleton right?

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Just drag&drop .gr2 file...then only skeleton will be imported.

And if you want to animate a armor you need to skin it (that means you need mesh+skeleton).

Thank you fo reply.

I don't want to animate armor, i prefer to make new animation for new mob (rather convert from another game).

I must animate mesh & skeleton too or only skeleton (animations in metin2 don't show any model).


I know this questions is stupid but i don't want to start playing in 3ds without basic informations.

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