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bug whith Animated Login ?

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Hello Guys i try to add the Animated login on webserver but i have 4 seconds black screen i dont know why 😕 

sameone can help me whit that ? i pay dont worry 

i put there one gif for u can understand better ; 


I add this code ; on loginwindow.py 


        ## Board

            "name" : "BackGround",
            "type" : "ani_image",
            "x" : 0,
            "y" : 0,
            "width" : float(SCREEN_WIDTH) / 1920.0,
            "height" : float(SCREEN_HEIGHT) / 1080.0,

            "delay" : 3,

            "images" :
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 01.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 02.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 03.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 04.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 05.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 06.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 07.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 08.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 09.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 10.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 11.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 12.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 13.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 14.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 15.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 16.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 17.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 18.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 19.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 20.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 21.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 22.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 23.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 24.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 25.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 26.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 27.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 28.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 29.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 30.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 31.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 32.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 33.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 34.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 35.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 36.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 37.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 38.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 39.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 40.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 41.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 42.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 43.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 44.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 45.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 46.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 47.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 48.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 49.jpg",
                "d:/ymir work/login_animation/log 50.jpg",

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It's possible that the images you're loading are too large and/or the server is having trouble loading them in time. You can try making sure to reduce the size of the images, or make sure they are loaded from a local server so they can be served faster. If that doesn't help, you may need to try another login animation with fewer frames or a lower resolution.

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