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How to port forward

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Hello everyone!

I want to play with my friends without hamachi

I know that this has to be written some where but I looked in general,QnA,Basic knowlage topics and tried to seach it in the seachbar but nothing.

So is there a topic where I can watch step by step with the server file added by @TMP4 :

-which ports should I open?

-what should I edit in the auth,channel99,db,etc.. config files?

-do I have to use port map?

-where should I write my ip?

-do I have to do something in mysql (do i have to make a new user with access?)?

-do my friends need to change something in their client or is it enough if i send them over my modified client folder?

I tried to look it up in google and on youtube , but everyone who is showing how to do it doing it in a different server file or doing some extra methods in files that is not exist in the server files what @TMP4 linked.

I would higly appreciate if someone can help me with this

(PS.: Ha valaki eltudja magyarázni magyarul azért külön hálás lennék.)


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forgot to write to say it in hungarian if it's possible
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Thanks covfefe!
Okay at least I know that i don't need port map

Then can you tell me why all my ports are closed if I ported out everything




I did what was in the FAQ but it didn't helped.I'am not sure if i have to put my external/public IP(PublicIPDeletedByASIKOO) in the "WAN Host"


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