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Exploit, crash core .. and again Cannot access memory at address

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Ok , it's me too .. I'm probably making the third request on this forum but I'm desperate and willing to pay anything.

I have someone who managed in 3 days to find 3 different exploits which works on my server and crash my core.

The last two was in SaveSingleItem function (with Great OfflineShop) , next (ItemDropPenalty) where i disabled this functions ... and now :



If there is someone here who can help me, I am waiting for a message on my discord valentindeian#7623. I pay very well to solve this problem, because I have reached the limit of my patience.

And for those who answered me on the previous topic, no.. it's not martysama's source, it's a fliege v1 that I've been using since 2018 .. what you saw was just a fix posted by marty on his website.

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Ohh sorry , so you are Emanuel ? 🤣


You are unblocked me on facebook only to tell that if i want the fix 🤣 probably you are the person who use this exploits against me.


Go the Hell , i posted in this community with an old account not like you with only one post. I have bought many systems from marketplace and I pay at any time for my needs.

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