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So, i've been developing something, and i needed the minimaps and heightmap from metin2, and i was using the Map Converter tool that can be found here in the forum, but taking a screenshot of that tool (since it doesn't allow to export heightmap, only minimap), isn't the best of ways, so i made my own tool to do that, this took me a while, since i'm not a very experienced programmer...

The tool is very simple to use (i believe), just move the whole map folder to where the python file is, and run the script and follow the instructions, it will also go with 2 maps already done, the final image will have the same name as the map folder name.

Idk if anyone has done this, that release to the public the source code (Map converter tool creator didn't release source code i think), so if anyone needs the code or the tool, can use without any trouble, since this is also a backup for me, so i dont lose the tool xD


It uses the python 3.10.5, and some libraries, so you will need to install them:

PIL (pillow)


Numpy (i think this one already comes with python, not sure)



It's just .py files that you can look through the code, but either way, here's virus total scan of the .rar files

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The folders are only that big (8.31mb and 11.42mb) because both have 2 full map's folders on them, and one of them uses normal png, and the other uses 8bit png (that's why the 3.11mb difference)


I did separate because idk, that's how i made them, and i guess i'm too lazy to combine them together lol


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i found an error on the tool that i'm currently working on fixing

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Fixed the Error on the Heightmap tool, which basically was causing to show some weird lines on the finished heightmap, but it's fixed now, the mediafire link is the same.


I was working on making the final result image a 16 bit image, since it already converts to a 16 bit png, but i still wasn't able to do it, and it was taking much of my time, and currently i'm more focused on other projects

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