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I want to make a Metin2 server, looking for partners

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Aiming to hopefully become one of the respected P servers out there, a solid long-term oldschool PvM project. I've got most of the work done in the source like major bug fixes, I can say I've got a pretty neat structure.. just need some stuff done here and there. I've been working alone everyday on this so you can imagine how burned out I'm starting to get, having to do everything myself. Need someone to layout a server plan regarding Epic items upgrade path, upgrade materials for them, and maybe write a new storyline for (at least beginner) quests to remain unique. Time to get rid of the robotic and often ignored noob quests. Let's change that. This will be OUR server, not my server. Hoping for someone who shares the same vision as me.

If you're interested just pm me.

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