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Questlib mysql_query function problem



Hello, i have one query in quest like (ex.):

local test= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM player.my_system WHERE player_id = '"..pc.get_player_id().."' AND time >= '"..max_time.."' LIMIT 1")
if test == 0 then



but in syserr i have all time:

RunState: LUA_ERROR: locale/turkey/quest/questlib.lua:33: attempt to call global `split' (a nil value)

33 line in function mysql_query is: for av in io.open(fi,'r'):lines() do table.insert(t,split(av,'\t')) end; os.remove(fi);

screenshot: https://metin2.download/picture/wl9K9DEs2LoeO9WwbhiCLPzHuevut8ge/.png

and in channel directory have much files mysql_data_***, which generate from mysql_query function:  local fi,t,out = 'mysql_data_'..math.random(10^9)+math.random(2^4,2^10),{},{}

how can fix it?

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