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Extract Animations from Metin2 GR2 Files



I started working on making a "remastered" version of Metin2, with the original models/animations and upscaled textures on a engine with high-end graphics (unreal engine), since the main metin server i played was shutdown. I was able to import into blender the models and put textures on it, also rigged so it can handle animations pretty good, but my main problem is that i cant convert the animations, ive tried A LOT of stuff, like a lot, some examples of what ive tried:


-Using Blender Import GR2 Plugin (Doesn't show nothing since the animation file dont have a mesh)

-Using grnreader98 to convert to SMD, at first the program don't allow the conversion because of not having a mesh, but i used x64dbg and edited the program code to skip that check, and after that i was "technically" able to convert it to .SMD

-Using Blender and 3DS Max with SMD Import plugins to import the .SMD file i converted, both crashed, even when trying to import the model itself.

-Using NinjaRipper to try rip the models/animation from Granny Viewer, doesn't do anything, since NinjaRipper works with DirectX and as far as i know, granny viewer is made with OpenGL

-Searched for some program to "unpack" the .gr2 file and get the .max files that Granny Viewer says are being used, no luck


What im considering to do:

-Try to write a program to "unpack" the .gr2 file (not sure if its possible, since i didnt find anything that already does that)

-Get similar animations from the internet

-Give up on this project, something that i really dont want do to, since its my first "big" project, and my first time with unreal engine (at least with serious dedication to learn it and do something on it), and because its metin2 xD



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12 hours ago, arlinamid said:

Hi. Try this. I've made a tutorial for extracting model from gr2. For extracting animation  just simple enable animation extract. 


It worked!!! Amazing, thks a lot man, the skeleton is kinda weird but i dont really care xD the main think is that it works, thks a lot again


Edit: The Fingers are kinda bugged with noesis tho, granny shows them and plays the animation with no problem, but when viewing with noesis, the finger bones are bugged, and one of them doesn't do the animation, it can be noticed on the sura one hand sword wait and main skill animation (geomhwan.gr2)

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