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Yuhara2 Hard-Oldschool (lv max 99) Staff-Search (New link discord)


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Yuhara2 is recruiting: [GM] and Beta Tester

DISCORD SERVER:  https://discord.gg/cYpanWtG5h

ADMIN Telegram Contact: @zagordarkwood 


Essential requirements:

  1. Owning Discord microphone and headphones
  2. Own a telegram or whatsapp contact



Requirements to apply for [GM]

  1. Sent your CV with basic information (Name/ why would you like to be GM/ ecc...)
  2. knowledge of languages 
  3. 5 years experience of metin2 and private servers
  4. knowledge of essential [GM] commands 
  5. Professionalism and Reliability and Versatility
  6. Minimum availability of 4 hours a day 
  7. Knowing how to work in a team
  8. Problem Solving


For [GM]  sent the CV with all informations at discord admin [GA]AKI or telegram



Requirements for Testers:


  1. Know all metin2 themes and 100% officer's gameplay
  2. 5 years experience of metin2 and private servers
  3. Professionalism and Reliability
  4. Here, too, knowledge of at least one foreign language
  5. Availability



NB: The testers will play the role of helper during the opening and they will be given a percentage of shop coins for helping to test the server.
Everyone [GM] must be available if contacted by [GF] and [GA] to test

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