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Character not falling at last hit

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I have a problem with the last hit. Sometimes when I hit somebody with the last hit of the normal combo, they won't get knocked down. Sometimes, they don't even get damage.


SYSERR from client:


1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=6) - (dwComboArrayIndex=5) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4)
1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=7) - (dwComboArrayIndex=6) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4)
1217 23:16:51159 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=8) - (dwComboArrayIndex=7) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4)


Here's a GIF with it happening: https://metin2.download/picture/JnmaDHHYVKYQ2VZ1ofuOa5f2w86T7F57/.gif

P.S: It is not normal, I've played multiple servers, you should fall there. It happens too often. I think the errors are from that, also I happen to recieve sometimes this error too: 

CInstanceBase::PushTCPState You can't send move packets to yourself!


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