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Python autoban (with little Hackshield)





are u guys interested in a python autoban system? After 10 times of trying to use serverinfo.py for hacks the "hacker" gets 1 day ban + warning not to try it more times..


It's  expandable to autoban for speedhack etc.


Sorry 4 my english, atm i'm very tired

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He should say that then ^^ It's not really an issue since you can block it completely very easily. :s

Yeah it's rly easy to block it (sorry for my fail, its logininfo not serverinfo^^)


But my system autobans people who try 10x to inject sth via logininfo.py

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How do you identity the person who trying to use hacks with logininfo? You must block it before the client starting, but there is no way to bann the player without know who is it.

Hardware ID ban :DD

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And how do you get the HWID before the client connecting to the server? But there is one more problem, what if the user change the packet in memory before it sending to the game? You can't check it in the game, because you don't know who is he. I'm finished with HWID & MAC ban too and its a really good way to ban computers, but it needs more security, we can't really trust in the client.

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Assuming the perfect world in which you'd prevent all ways to manipulate memory, your HWID ban would still be on the client's side, hence completely and utterly useless.

Edit: if you choose to go forward with the idea though, a user-defined ban time according to type of infraction and number of prior warnings would be a neat feature.

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