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MD5 Protection of 40k Client



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My question is, how i can decrypt the md5 protection. I mean all interfaces, if you decrypt it you should be able to use interfaces from 30k client on the 40k client


You mean offical metin2 or private server i don't understand if you mean, private server. You need to know a little asm and c/c++ for decrypt it.


But you mean offical metin2 : you don't need to decrypt that file. Ymir Entartaiment just crypted special packs (metin2_patch_???) and root file is cythonizer (that's mean, you don't find root files, but you can dump it).


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Dont tell this motherfucker anything , i know why he want deactive the md5 protection he want Grab passwords from user in Cleartext over his own Homepage the problem is the Client have a md5 protection and dont accept Cleartext passwords. please not make a terrible mistake and delete this Thread and bann this User.



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