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[HELP] How I can get the vnum of the socket0 of a weapon in client binary?




I wanna put different effects on weapons according to the linked stones. 

For example, if the weapon has a Stone against Warrior will have a red effect.

I tried to do it only checking the socket0 with GetSocket(0) in the function __GetRefinedEffect of InstanceBase.cpp

				case CItemData::WEAPON_FAN:
					long stoneIdx0 = pItem->GetSocket(0);
					if (stoneIdx0 == VNUM_STONE_AGAINST_WARRIOR)
						m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_WEAPON_RED;
						m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_FANBELL_REFINED7+refine-7;

But when I tested the weapon looks with the normal effect: EFFECT_FANBELL_REFINED7+refine-7

How I can get the vnum of the socket0 in binary? is possible?

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En 13/11/2018 a las 5:36, r00t dijo:
VNUM_STONE_AGAINST_WARRIOR is declared somewhere?

Is declared in InstanceBase.h. But it's only an example, you can replace it for the vnum if (stoneIdx0 == xxxx) and is the same result


# PROBLEM is CItemData works only with client, so pItem->GetSocket(index) will be always 0


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