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Login crash problem



If the number of monsters, NPCs or characters is over 600-700 when I enter the game, the game throws me back into the login screen.
This problem is also available in mainline / novaline source files in kraizy.tgz. Unregistered mainline source throws in the login screen when there are 1200-1300 characters / monsters.
I'm looking for help in resolving the problem. People who say that I can fix the problem in a paid way can post the price together with the evidence video.

Video of the problem I'm experiencing


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1 hour ago, tierrilopes said:

45 * /m 30000 20  =  900

 Does yours also crash if you run 45 times this command?:

/m 30000 20


If not, can you add here your edited command for me to test in the same exact conditions as yourself?



The error was not in command, the command was to show only 600 pieces monster.
You called 900 monsters, try calling 1300 monsters.
65 * / m 30000 20 = 900

The problem is caused by the viewinsert or EncodeInsertPacket functions.


my command: 

	int iCount = 300;
	while (iCount--)
				ch->GetX() - number(200, 750), 
				ch->GetY() - number(200, 750), 
				ch->GetX() + number(200, 750), 
				ch->GetY() + number(200, 750), 


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23 minutes ago, tierrilopes said:



900 x VNUM 30000

1500 x VNUM 101


Still logs in without delay/crash. I also enabled the names to make it pull more resources and be heavier

i try 101 x 780 and crash. i looking for the cause of this error

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Core X - External 2 Internal
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