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V3 / V4 / RedWood Forest big Map (expanded)



Hello devs,

I've been looking for some time about how to "repair" v3/v4 maps i modified atlas from etc but nothing.I'm sure that it works , i saw on other server.
If someone know how to add Large Map on "V3/V4/RedWood Forest/Miria/etc" , please leave a reply

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It might be disabled for those maps in python files but I doubt that is the case. Check your uiminimap for that...

13 minutes ago, likeabeast said:

I already did that , but still not opening , for first step , i made a map myself (photoshop), but that doesn't matter , it should show up , right?

It should work, but remember to edit the .sub file correctly with real sizes and minimap name. Post your syserr if it still doesn't work.

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1st step:

First thing you do is save the minimap with World Editor and convert it to .dds format. You have to change the image size as well. Then you place your minimap image in "d:/ymir work/ui".

2nd step:

Navigate to "d:/ymir work/ui/atlas" and create a new folder named same as your map and take atlas.sub from the other map folder and paste it in your new folder. Now you need to edit that .sub file.

title subImage
version 1.0
image "map_c2_atlas.dds" #Your minimap name
left 0
top 0
right 256 #Your image size
left 256 #Your image size


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I modified with the good sizes from first (i'm not that noob) , i searched in uiminimap.py and i didn't saw anything wrong , that's wierd...

class MiniMap(ui.ScriptWindow):

		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon_02" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_monkeydungeon_03" : FALSE,
		"metin2_map_devilsCatacomb" : FALSE,

The only time he says anything about a map.
Could be binary? or src?

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