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[FeedBack]Pet System Extreme for REV 40k


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Hi Metin2dev , few days ago i developed a new pet system for an italian server .


It's really different from the common PetSystem just for one thing: indeed now signet are not long linked to the player but to the self signet.

You can now have the same pet like red phoenix but with different level and different skill and u can trade that when you want , according the prize to the pet level,skill ecc.

The other stuff of this pet system i think that are quit common but i ll go to describe them.



Pets have level.

Pets increment and unlock their skills with level

Pets have and happynes value ( this will influence the power of skill)



You can see all stats on the gui.

You can see level and happynes on the signet.



Some screen and Video:









I don't wanna publicize this server but i have to thanks them for recording.


Please Commenti with


Like why...

Don't like why


What can i improve or modify


Reguards Luzzo

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