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Set tooltip for some "slots"



Dear community,


I actually have these "slots" (not real slots there will be some images) which I want to show a tooltip if you move your mouse over:



These "slots" are defined in my python script (uiscript) as children of "TEST_Board":

						{ "name":"Test1", "type":"image", "x":34, "y":73, "image":DEFAULT_SLOT, },
						{ "name":"Test2", "type":"image", "x":74, "y":73, "image":DEFAULT_SLOT, },
						{ "name":"Test3", "type":"image", "x":114, "y":73, "image":DEFAULT_SLOT, },

How can I put an tooltip for them?



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If you're using ImageBox class then I think you should use this function:


For example:

self.xxx = self.GetChild("xxx")
self.xxx.OnMouseOverIn = self.your_tooltip_func_here

I didn't test it so I don't if it'll works by that way.


Good Luck

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