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Server Crash on change blockmode



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Hi i get a server crash when i change the blockmode on client.




#0  0x080bef72 in CHARACTER::SetQuestFlag (this=0x41ffc000, [email protected], value=1) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/char.cpp:6474
#1  0x080be8aa in CHARACTER::SetBlockMode (this=0x41ffc000, bFlag=1 '\001') at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/char.cpp:6372
#2  0x08185a7a in do_setblockmode (ch=0x41ffc000, argument=0xffff91d2 " 1", cmd=98, subcmd=0) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/cmd_general.cpp:1314
#3  0x0817dca3 in interpret_command (ch=0x41ffc000, argument=0xffff9fcb "setblockmode 1", len=14) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/cmd.cpp:746
#4  0x0829e2e1 in CInputMain::Chat (this=0x2b563c78, ch=0x41ffc000, data=0x294f3000 "\003\024", uiBytes=24) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/input_main.cpp:661
#5  0x082aa04e in CInputMain::Analyze (this=0x2b563c78, d=0x2b563c00, bHeader=3 '\003', c_pData=0x294f3000 "\003\024") at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/input_main.cpp:3346
#6  0x08282129 in CInputProcessor::Process (this=0x2b563c78, lpDesc=0x2b563c00, c_pvOrig=0x294f3000, iBytes=24, [email protected]) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/input.cpp:98
#7  0x081f5efe in DESC::ProcessInput (this=0x2b563c00) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/desc.cpp:341
#8  0x0804bdb4 in io_loop (fdw=0x29537140) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/main.cpp:910
#9  0x0804b684 in idle () at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/main.cpp:792
#10 0x08049f9f in main (argc=1, argv=0xffffdcd0) at /metin2/source/Server/game/src/main.cpp:467

Someone know how to solve ?


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