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Patch Securty Type=6 OfflineSystem Debug

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Cython Service

Do you need help to cythonize your client, even though I also made a video-tutorial for it? 
This service includes:

rootlib cythonization creation
uiscriptlib cythonization creation
code normalization of your pack\root\*.py files
code normalization of your pack\uiscript\*.py files
cython implementation in your launcher’s source code files

At the moment of the payment, you can ask to receive one-time help to compile and setup your machine for such service, until the work provided is working as expected (no post-sell service is provided; even though it’s not an obligation, I usually answer free-of-charge in my free time)

I usually provide the relative “help” using a “teamviewer program like”, and you’re free to record the whole session. The interaction between us is usually made through Skype.

If you’re a team/group of friends purchasing this service, I’ll interact with only one of you.

Re-selling, or leaking part-or-all my work is forbidden; I can stop providing you any contact, service, updates if provided, and anything else on my whim.








I'm looking to buy protection system if I want to solve how to make the necessary files TYPE =6

Client SRC////EterPack



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