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  1. thanks but i tryied on ovh and contabo and still have this problem.. myb it s other problem for me
  2. Hi. When I'm using /quit my client is going off but character is still in game. I don't know what is wrong and how fix it. Do you have any ideas? P.S: if use logout all work fine, only if use quit have this problem and myb if i get crash clie nt
  3. Hello devs, what can be the problem with mysql usage? at at least 500 players on? [Hidden Content] sometime mysql usage it s 100-150% and fucking more lag some info: all databases it s on MyIsam
  4. solved. problem was at .dds alpha channel.
  5. Hello, has anyone ever encountered this problem? [Hidden Content] P.S: appears only in charon, tanaka and few new mounts. I have granny 2.11.8
  6. Hi, somebody have any ideea why my "legs" it's little bit inside the "floor" ? (only in Spider Dungeon2) : My server: [Hidden Content] Other server: [Hidden Content]
  7. Hello everyone, somebody know why i can't move a item from "Item shop storeroom" to inventory? video: [Hidden Content] BTW: my syserr game/client/db it's empty.
  8. [Hidden Content] the biggest turkish metin 2 streamer [Hidden Content]
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