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  1. perhaps a way for GMs(through some item) or NPCs to give quest rewards through mailbox(not needing to have any concerns regarding inventory/safebox space) to players so they can pick them up whenever they please, would be a nice addition to this system. nevertheless, an amazing contribution, as always!
  2. kind of a bummer that the cinematic system didnt make it to this version(or at least i cant seem to find it anywhere mentioned in the files)
  3. Try checking in C/C++ if there's a tab called language
  4. right click on project(UserInterface), this pops up -> -> Properties -> General
  5. if you're using a recent vs version, you should have this option when checking the properties of each project: use c++17 or above on UserInterface and try again
  6. seems like a C++ version issue, are you sure you're compiling the client using v141 toolset(instead of just having it available)?
  7. Hey, recently I upgraded my client source so it could compile with the latest C++(which meant I also upgraded boost, DevIL, etc), in the process of doing so I had to change a couple variable types(for example from byte to std::byte or in some cases, to cryptopp::byte). At first glance, there are no new errors in the client and everything seems to be working as usual, should I be worried about something breaking? How should I check for most things being unstable/breaking? Thanks
  8. I'm guessing you want to remove the quest scroll? If so, use clear_letter() Otherwise, consider sending them to another state after the mission is complete so it won't loop itself.
  9. goto statement is only available in lua 5.2+(metin2 original source uses 5.0)
  10. what do you mean normal system? quest scrolls don't work at all(either by recvquest or binary_recvquest)
  11. Check your protoreader.cpp syntax, perhaps it only allows separating flags by a '|'(in int get_Mob_RaceFlag_Value search for: string* arInputString)
  12. Check for the order in constants.cpp, also consider using the IsStone condition instead of creating a new raceflag for metin stones(pointless).

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