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Look for Serverfiles



Hello i look for simple & good(i mean without bigs and important bugs which it can affect negative server) Serverfiles & Client (with source).

If it's neccesary i pay but i have only PaysafeCardAccount.

And if it's impossible the above text, i want suggest to me some serverfiles+Client simple and clean.



Thank you.

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Hello BackPlayer , i am going to send u a friendship request  at skyoe.

Καλησπέρα BackPlayer , θα σου στείλω αίτημα φιλίας στο skype .

Ι have got many sfs  what's your skype ?

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No one pays for serverfiles.  :mellow:

You can use maxmi's files for example, it has bsd with source you can make your own game & db..


Or if really want to pay check this forum (Offering), you'll find really nice people to help you with many many things.

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The content was removed because of advertisment to other forum.

Denis I was only posting the original link files for him to see the screens and configs.

And you saw I've cover the link with a phrase.

I wasn't advertising at all.

We'll be learn.

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