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How poison works



Version of Files XXX

Hi community,


Today I would like to ask you all, how poison works in metin2.


Im playing in a 2015-2016 server files metin2 private server and when Im dueling I need from 3 to 7-8 hits in order to get poison in my rival.


I use 8% in helmet, 12% in alchemy and 10% in server food, my rivals usually use 12% resist in alchemy and 3% resist in pendings being a total of 15% to get poison on them.


I wanna know if is normal that with only 15% I need from 3 to 7-8 hits to get poison on them, or calculations in source code are weird?


Is worth use weapon with another 8% poison?  Could you pls show me the code?


Thanks in advance :)


Best regards!


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I think poison resistance is related to how often you take damage drom poison after you are poisoned, and it doesn't affect the chance to poison the target. Not certain about it though.

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check battle.cpp there are bonus calculations.


	if (pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_POISON_PCT) && !pkVictim->IsAffectFlag(AFF_POISON))
		if (number(1, 100) <= pkAttacker->GetPoint(POINT_POISON_PCT))



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