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  1. Client give you some error on syserr?
  2. Why do you want to add c ++ code if this option is already present? When a player chooses the skills then you take the skills to the level you want (M or G or P) whit "pc.set_skill_level".
  3. You're lucky... i'm stuck to v4... practically if i want a "recent" version, i've to download the free files
  4. @server/game/char.cpp Find: void CHARACTER::PointsPacket() Check if you added in this function pack.points[POINT_GEM] = GetGem();
  5. What u mean with "not work" ? Compiling error or what?
  6. @Mei Just for have shared this AMAZING work with us you deserve a BIG BIG thank you!
  7. Someone can make/have txt from item and mob proto from official locale?
  8. Query? For tooltip? It's db killer...if i move mouse in-out the slot 20times for second...db do 20query! 10player do this and you have 200query... Edit:better solution is to read new attr direct on boot (so you need to change sql select on db and add new values in items structure in client/server)...now you can read all informations from cache
  9. As i know, player not receive atk when level up but just HP.
  10. First point: yes, protect your eix/epk is important...you can "integrate" in client exe all eix files but can be a possibility that people extract eix from exe Second point: as i know (maybe) M2Bob need to start himself a client exe but if you find a way to start client ONLY with patcher you block it
  11. In mob proto, atm dont remember what colum (is where you find NO_MOVE), add CRUSHER
  12. Wrong position of code in packet...client think is weapon instead of sash and viceversa
  13. C++ and Python...and something else
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