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  1. Hello, i share my little fix (call it system is impossible ?) to add automatically 4 bonus to all weapons and armor subtypes... i'm just bored to see "Reinforce Item" on sale from NPCs. Of course you can extend to add 5 bonus, in my case i prefer add only 4 bonus and to leave "Blessing Marble" dropped from mob. Work with items dropped from mob, items bought from NPCs, items created with /i command. In common/CommonDefine.h add In game/item.cpp In game/item_manager.cpp In game/questlua_game.cpp In game/shop.cpp A good combination is to implement also this:
  2. About Ch1 Core2 that doesn't start, maybe problem can be in your start script or miss hardlink to gamecore. Why do you setup IP in this way?
  3. You put the folder "christmas_2016_mammoth" in wrong place (npc or npc2 folder inside ymir work).
  4. Client give you some error on syserr?
  5. Why do you want to add c ++ code if this option is already present? When a player chooses the skills then you take the skills to the level you want (M or G or P) whit "pc.set_skill_level".
  6. @server/game/char.cpp Find: void CHARACTER::PointsPacket() Check if you added in this function pack.points[POINT_GEM] = GetGem();
  7. What u mean with "not work" ? Compiling error or what?
  8. @Mei Just for have shared this AMAZING work with us you deserve a BIG BIG thank you!
  9. Someone can make/have txt from item and mob proto from official locale?
  10. Query? For tooltip? It's db killer...if i move mouse in-out the slot 20times for second...db do 20query! 10player do this and you have 200query... Edit:better solution is to read new attr direct on boot (so you need to change sql select on db and add new values in items structure in client/server)...now you can read all informations from cache
  11. As i know, player not receive atk when level up but just HP.
  12. First point: yes, protect your eix/epk is important...you can "integrate" in client exe all eix files but can be a possibility that people extract eix from exe Second point: as i know (maybe) M2Bob need to start himself a client exe but if you find a way to start client ONLY with patcher you block it
  13. In mob proto, atm dont remember what colum (is where you find NO_MOVE), add CRUSHER
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