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  1. Join my discord server for more news, leaks from my current work and also for some giveaways!!

  2. Yes, that's map folder, so put it into yw_maps. I reccomend to you delete the old folder and then paste it again. Sometimes when you just re-write it, it remains with Capital letters. And about the index, 19 is fine if it's free on your server, it doesnt require any specific index ID
  3. [Hidden Content] Use this map folder, all files are lowercases already
  4. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Video at 1:15 Download
  5. Some updates! _____________________________________________________ New Dungeon! - Scorpion ruins
  6. Oh yeah Here are another examples This is update for METIN from 2015, i really love it and would like to see it in metin2 aswell. Metin1 is still very popular in korea, unlike metin2.. unfortunately...
  7. It seems that its not from catacombs we know from metin2. It seems like update from metin1. They have implemented a lot of new metin2 stuff in there. Look at this for example (it's 2 years old)
  8. I think this is really subjective for every single person If you look to the stuff GF release these days, its not fitting into old Metin style anymore. But i completly understand to what you wrote!
  9. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download: Password:
  10. Since my re-worked model is in monster folder, it probably wont for for ID 11506. Change the ID of the fire for example to 8xxx, that should work just fine
  11. Open your npclist.txt in root and find ID of your signal fire. For example: 7106 #season2/npc/signal_fire/ And then change it to: 7106 plechito_signalfire_rework
  12. Have you changed your npclist?
  13. What exactly? Could you be more specific?
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