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  1. Example. If your coordinates are 210000 x 2260000, you will have the problem you mentioned. If you divide these numbers by 256, you have ( 82,03 x 88,28 ) which is wrong. So you need to edit those coordinates so you can divide them by 256. So, if you edit them like this -> 2099200 x 2252800, now you can divide them (82 x 88). If you divide the coordinates number by 256 and you wont get integer, it's wrong.
  2. The problem is not in regen.txt Check your map coordinates in Setting.txt. The coordinates need to be divisible by 256, if not, you have exactly the problems you mentioned above.
  3. Sharks are coming this summer!
  4. Its finally out!! Full dungeon info is here: https://plechito.com/ancient-pyramid/
  5. Could you check skype please pal :D

    1. .plechito'


      Sorry, im finishing my new dungeon, it's almost done, im like zombie last few days :D


  6. https://mega.nz/file/f4wBBABa#yXHXYDFgQFdXtCmjLVHIj_w2w3GRaIIewg8FXnHTbDA It usually happens when i switch between Model and Effect panels or when I save .mse files. Also, could you change back editing collision scale by scrolling? It was changing by one before, now its by 13
  7. Ancient pyramid is coming

  8. It should be out in few days
  9. Im working hard on it!

    1. Raylee


      Amazing concept idea 🥰
      Cool work bro 👍

  10. Desert chapter continues! New dungeon is coming! It's gonna be my biggest dungeon so far, also first dungeon ever (except ymirs) with fully working lightmaps feature!
  11. First of all thank you for that! I have made quick overview, and i found one thing not that comf for me (i think for other mappers neither), its about object selection, basically, you don't see it's selected. Dungeon block files (*.prd), the same for trees (*.prt) and effect files (*.pre)
  12. New 6x6 farm map
  13. Hi mate, can i steal 5 minutes of your time on discord? add me FLAMEGXD#7567

  14. What, i was searching in korea/chiense language too but i have never found something like this, this is awesome!
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