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  1. Thanks guys! #Fixed hair textures for woman https://mega.nz/#!2lQjGALL!_pP96xdaU4CaU6FpzqvPC7SQMmriFvTx3A6UbA4moc4
  2. Well, i dont understand to the new patch system, it starts to be a real mess. Many files are duplicated, but im not surprised, gf logic So i have collected all unpacked files into one client, so everything is clear and easy to find. All files up to 20.1.3 should be there, if something is missing, im sorry, it was just a lot of files and i have missed something. Thank you xP3NG3Rx !! https://mega.nz/#!v84kQKLa!I6Vx20dRZZ-AV-Bz0fETAZd_xlVwQ-XExtLf6_0Dsss
  3. Download is still available
  4. .plechito'

    Pet - Bee

    Link fixed https://mega.nz/#!OgA0RSBZ!S0ne25ZxDPetRpxrNPKrAKUP5fkBL710DSUVdk4ClLk
  5. Download fixed: https://mega.nz/#!DgISwChI!6eElZ-m2dlidUXU_64gapzsURbPh-loR4DTI8dVUpJ4
  6. Link fixed https://mega.nz/#!ahZFxKRL!Er9QoG8goPuO8IadJ20DCo9ij-Q8iDipcKgz1fdhnYM
  7. Fixed link: https://mega.nz/#!28ACHI4Y!RnI40ux_838DgaqeYlKL6PsLNJ3sg4wU4YrXKN5lIaU
  8. Fixed link https://mega.nz/#!epYHAKIC!seGfyDukjzIYzMi1JC-t702cYf0wbftJcTZuvFkw5I4
  9. Download link fixed https://mega.nz/#!344QQCDA!fxyuMrJcRKkWZUzTwVm-XDYVuDruo7_zyv44nGcO0EQ
  10. After looong searching i found link on my mega But, don't use it, its terrible
  11. New costumes!
  12. Well, in my opinion, they haven't brought as any groundbreaking system or something the new race is good for. I think there is good balance between the original 4 characters (even if there are some bugs or something, i dont count this now), so adding new race into game like metin has no point or reason. If you look to new games where new characers are added 2x per year, they have hundereds of system, pvp possibilites, dungeons and so on.. New characters has good point then, but not in metin. If they won't bring us any new, NEW system for anything where new characters will have place and use, then it should be fine, but until the metin is only about killing monsters or stones.. no..
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