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  1. I wasnt serious, don't worry
  2. I kind of miss myself there
  3. When GF devs think they have stopped the bots https://i.imgur.com/OcMV6Rl.mp4
  4. How deep are you gonna continue?
  5. Something different for this Easter, not just bunnies and painted eggs... I get inspired by official costumes for 2021 easter
  6. Wow, that's a pretty long time!! Thank you!
  7. Images: Dungeon info: Video:
  8. Excellent tutorial! I would add just one little thing (I'm sure its not there, but if I'm blind or something, pardon me). GR2 and gr2 problem. It's always important to check if models has extension in lower cases letters. Otherwise client won't read the models. Some packers do it automatically, but some of them not.
  9. Small update after some time, i will be done with the dungeon itself in few days. I will start with bosses, monsters etc after that..
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