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  1. read my thread again --> in marty files its already fixed because only localhost has access as far as i remember. so you just need to enable ENABLE_PORT_SECURITY or delete everything because its not used
  2. Hey guys, i noticed a core crash "exploit" someone is currently using with HEADER_CG_TEXT. its a simple buffer overflow in the HEADER_CG_TEXT packet. because the packet is not used you can just remove it. in marty files its already fixed because only localhost has access as far as i remember. packet.h HEADER_CG_TEXT = 64, packet_info.cpp Set(HEADER_CG_TEXT, sizeof(TPacketCGText), "Text", false); input.cpp if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_TEXT) ( [...] )
  3. Hey guys, after i noticed some positive rule changes on the forum i will start to release some of my stuff i already published on an other forum. In the past I often had problems with the Exp/Yang/Drops of group members were also shared on different maps. The simplest solution was to just put the maps further apart, however I took a closer look why this is and fixed it accordingly. in char_battle.cpp // below FPartyAlignmentCompute f(-20000, pkKiller->GetX(), pkKiller->GetY()); // replace pkKiller->GetParty()->ForEachOnlineMember(f); pkKiller->GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(f, pkKiller->GetMapIndex()); // below f.m_iStep = 1; // replace pkKiller->GetParty()->ForEachOnlineMember(f); pkKiller->GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(f, pkKiller->GetMapIndex()); // below NPartyExpDistribute::FPartyTotaler f(ch); // replace pParty->ForEachOnlineMember(f); pParty->ForEachOnMapMember(f, ch->GetMapIndex()); // below NPartyExpDistribute::FPartyDistributor fDist(ch, f.member_count, f.total, iExp, pParty->GetExpDistributionMode()); // replace pParty->ForEachOnlineMember(fDist); pParty->ForEachOnMapMember(fDist, ch->GetMapIndex()); in char_item.cpp // below NPartyPickupDistribute::FCountNearMember funcCountNearMember(this); // replace pParty->ForEachOnlineMember(funcCountNearMember); pParty->ForEachOnMapMember(funcCountNearMember, GetMapIndex()); // below NPartyPickupDistribute::FMoneyDistributor funcMoneyDist(this, dwShare); // replace pParty->ForEachOnlineMember(funcMoneyDist); pParty->ForEachOnMapMember(funcMoneyDist, GetMapIndex()); // below NPartyPickupDistribute::FFindOwnership funcFindOwnership(item); // replace GetParty()->ForEachOnlineMember(funcFindOwnership); GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(funcFindOwnership, GetMapIndex());
  4. Yeah we also discussed that topic and i´m fine with that if this are the rules. But i also want to mention that many people doesn´t have the requirements to sell here but they still do because they know the staff. Just my opignion that maybe the staff consider changing something.
  5. totally agree with that. why should i even release something when my sales thread got closed and i "need to be active for more than 6 months". its not worth the effort.
  6. Did you check your stl_algo.h or where it´s using aiEmpireUserCount
  7. Hello, I recognized a hughe slow down of the game after i increadsed the maximum yang. The gamecore takes around 2 minutes to initalize (load all quests, mobs ,etc) Any ideas whats wrong? PTS: ProfileLog:
  8. when i click on a mount it doesn´t go in any slot. any ideas what is wrong?
  9. Would be nice if someone can reupload it or send me the link with a private message.
  10. Hello, Got a small error on the characterselect. The character on the 5th slot is invisible and the syserr doen´t have any related output which helps me to solve this error. Hope you have some tips.
  11. Hello, I compiled myself the binary and game. I followed the tutorial [Hidden Content] and the 4 Inventory slots are working without any Problem. I just got 1 weired error: As u can see the Equipment slots don´t show the equiped items. What do you think causes this error?
  12. Hey, the archive is damaged. Can you reupload it?
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