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  1. It looks great, but the textures from the walls look kind of odd... a bit too pixeled.
  2. WHo's up for something new?

  3. Black Desert - Before the Storm Written by Ike and Apollonius
  4. I've been playing on the KR version for over a month and i must say that i am quite dissapointed. With every update the game went further away from its initial concept, to please the soft-core korean players. The korean version of this game can't be called a mmo anymore. It`s just a nice solo game. If you want to read more about this you can do so here or in many other thread from that community. There is still hope, since PA said that the NA & EU version will be different, and the KR one was changed to appeal to the koreans. But the Russian version is the most promosing so far since the publisher gave us concrete answers.
  5. About the Wheel. Can you set more items for one slot? Like if two players hit the same slot, they won't get the same item. Something like, you can have a sword, an armor, a costume, etc, all in one slot. And the player will get randoom one of those. ( your wheel has 10 slots, so something like 10 items per slot would be really nice ). Really nice work. Keep it up
  6. I'm not sure how the first season ended anymore, since i'm ahead with the manga. Mind reminding me?
  7. I think you can do it by using the horse quest. Though I am not sure.
  8. Sorry, copyed your post & edited it xD. Those are the shows i watched
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