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  1. Yes there are many faults in this source code By the way, I found maybe how the drop bonus from items are added: There's a Variable : POINT_PC_BANG_DROP_BONUS(iCafe exp bonus? wtf), which has the applytype 76, instead of ITEM_DROP_BONUS(standard one), which has apply_type 45. That variable(76), seems to be used in drop calculation, and also increased. So I guess it should work. Another way to make it work, could be to increase POINT_PC_BANG_DROP_BONUS by POINT_ITEM_DROP_BONUS, this way, in char.cpp: case POINT_EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS: // 71 case POINT_GOLD_
  2. Yes those are thief gloves, I mean the percent in player’s equip(necklace, bracelet), which gives for example +20% double item drop Pct for both As sonitex said, we played this game in a lie I would probably enable it in the future, and release, if no one will do, a guide to do it
  3. Nice one, there are many generator solutions in them, but you need to find the best bottleneck in terms of performance, because any of them has different efficiency based on generations; I guess the best would be the standard or bool. To solve your issue, if you mean priv(empire) drop rates, then just divide the rate by 100 this formulae: int gain = (100 + priv_drop_rate) /100; and then multiply the percent by gain; Note: I am referring to priv drop rates taken from database(or statically declared in source files), which are usually 100 multipliers(100,200...) The main
  4. Yes, this function is intended to be used as a replace for drop logics inside the source files. I mean, using this function, you can "skip" the Random range calculation(e.g. 400000) and the rest; Just insert for example a range of 100 to make a drop rate(distribute(Percent,100)). It may be useful if you are planning to make other Drop logics/types, instead of the basic ones. It is less mechanical, and also human-readable and editable, that's the goal. For example if you want to build a new drop logic, in which for example a mob in a map drops at 0.1%, you have to calculate iRa
  5. UPDATE: -Optimized percent handicaps: now also based on difference between mob and user levels. Now the strategy to generate random numbers is the "real"(hardware based) by default. -Replaced whole logic inside the function, now a random percent(item) inside the ones indicated will be picked. This way percents are real, and there is is also an hugeness of hardware resources saved, because While cycle, which used to iterate all items, has been removed now. -Double_Item_drop Items(like thief gloves) now act like they should(there's a chance to make a "double pick" from the
  6. Note: To make real number generations(so real Drop Percents), please refer to this:
  7. Hello all, I recently found how stupid number generators inside source files are. Currently, to generate a "random" number, the system seems to use function number(x,y). I found out that this function is an ugly version of rand() % y + x, which does not really generates random number with real distribution. I really don't know if other files use this or better solutions, but in files related to Drop that's what it is. To make the point on how stupid this (not)random system is, just take a look at this : iRandRange = 4000000; iRandRange = iRa
  8. Update: -System now allows of setting fractions Percent(0.x, 0.0x, ....) instead of using big numbers. -Drop Percents depends also on Empire Drop Rate(%) and Exp Rings
  9. Let's assume common_drop_item.txt is almost never used by anyone, but for those who are thinking about using it, here's some (potential) bugs I found inside. Those may or may be not bugs, it depends on what use you want to make for common_drop_item. I think the most useful use would be to set drops easily depending on mob and users' levels, without making it mob-by-mob(mob_drop_item.txt), for those who wish to rewrite all the drops from scratch. It would be a good replace of settings drops via LUA(which may cause performance issues, and also you have to deal also with empire and
  10. Hello all, I would like to make the REAL % of dragon scroll and other scrolls be visible while refining an item; Right now the percents of dragon scrolls and other Works while refining: The item can be destroyed if the default blacksmith refine % is 100% and dragon scroll has for example 50%, but I can't see the real %. I always see that 100% which isn't obviously real(graphical bug), it's the default taken from refine_proto table.. Does someone know how to make the % of other scrolls visible too? The Percents aren't took from client side(uirefine.py has its own percents arrays,
  11. Can you update it in order to work with yang from Inventory instead gold bars(and "depositing" gold bars to pay for items)?
  12. Yes editor was the problem, thank you I'll use psdpad or something else
  13. Hello, I am using turkish serverfiles, which seems to use a different syntax for LC_TEXTs, I need it to be the default(as was in 2011 files), so I can put a translations I already got. Here's an example of locale string which I have(in turkish) vs the one I need: " %s 는 군주 후보가 아닙니다.";" (Korean) vs "¢¬©öA¨¬ Au¢¯¨Ï ¨¬IA©ö¥ìa¢¬©ø¢¥I¢¥U."; (Don't know which language it is, maybe some mismatch about the charset encoding, by the way this is the Standard metin2 LC_TEXT language which I saw in many serverfiles) I tried to change the locale name in
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