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  1. As the title says, I have a small problem while I try to compile the source with the modifications of the "offline shop" system called [RELEASE] Offline Shop - Koray... This is the declaration of some variables in the file called "input_main.cpp". I have in mind that they are functions that the tutorial lacks because I do not find them in the "include" files of the "input_main" file. Here the picture: Does anyone have any idea what might happen? Or someone has the functions declared in some file? Thank you.
  2. Hi my problem is when i put words with accents in the quest or the client .py files and in game not show I need an function or other same? Can someone help me? Thx
  3. https://mega.nz/#!Lg4V3DIQ!IwzWU17di-mLcTMUDmaopr6BI6HTIRede9YHnRdF7Pg
  4. Work if I have the source to make ? (FreeBSD ) Daca tot esti din RO iti explic pe romaneste :)) Vreau sa compilez un game pentru svfile-le mele si imi vine mai usor in windows... si recent am vazut ca programul asta GnuWin32 este ca un fel de gmake in FreeBSD Dar nush cum merge Sall
  5. I could compile a file of game ( metin2 ) in windows with GnuWin32 program? The program link I found here: * Gnu Win 32 And I wondered if anyone would know how to work the program or if it would work . Sorry for my bad English .
  6. My 3 items of change bonus are coredowners... when i use that my core is down Please help in log say something like "Sequence_log"
  7. Hi, i have a big problem with my game compiled. I use client binari 28k fixed posted in the forum and game 40250 of mainline and when i use de change bonus the core 1 of the server get closed. Can help me? Sorry my bad english
  8. Mainline r65730 vanilla: https://mega.nz/#!ykhnEJJI!73y7GPNPnkpPy_eyQdZbZ7CeyPhUdulr3uCrV2JCFIk
  9. That is the error in the Syserr who cause the problem what close the client: 0916 20:03:40457 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(window_type : 1, dwSlotIndex=116, itemIndex=1230) - Failed to item data 0916 20:03:40457 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(window_type : 1, dwSlotIndex=29, itemIndex=5300) - Failed to item data
  10. open char_item.cpp Search: INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 2 Change all : INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 4 #SOLVED THX TO @Rideas
  11. open char_item.cpp Search: INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 2 Change all : INVENTORY_MAX_NUM / 4 Okey I'm Trying that, compiling game ... If that bug solved i edit post, thx. @Rideas , Is correct my exchange.cpp? http://i62.tinypic.com/2w3nn61.jpg
  12. I have an bug with 4 invetory src The items with 2 space slot expand down and not put in second inventory Anywhere can help me?
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