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  1. Hello people. I am looking for a solid special inventory system. I couldn't find a good one. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello people. I added a new equipment item to the game but i planned to add this item to the third page of rubinum inventory. When i try to put the item to the third page it doesn't show up but when i put the item to the first page i am be able to see it. There is an example of it. As you can see there is a slot but i don't see the item. But when i put the item slot to the first inventory i can see it. [Hidden Content] It is probably about this code I would really appreciate if you can help me. Code def RefreshEquipSlotWindow(self): getItemVNum=player.GetItemIndex getItemCount=player.GetItemCount setItemVNum=self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot for i in xrange(player.EQUIPMENT_PAGE_COUNT): slotNumber = player.EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START + i itemCount = getItemCount(slotNumber) if itemCount <= 1: itemCount = 0 setItemVNum(slotNumber, getItemVNum(slotNumber), itemCount) self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(item.EQUIPMENT_BELT, getItemVNum(item.EQUIPMENT_BELT), 0) #self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(item.EQUIPMENT_TALISMAN, getItemVNum(item.EQUIPMENT_TALISMAN), 0) self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(item.EQUIPMENT_GLOVE, getItemVNum(item.EQUIPMENT_GLOVE), 0) self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(item.EQUIPMENT_ETILSIM, getItemVNum(item.EQUIPMENT_ETILSIM), 0) ## The item i am trying to add. for i in xrange(item.COSTUME_SLOT_COUNT): slotNumber = item.COSTUME_SLOT_START + i self.wndCostume.SetItemSlot(slotNumber, getItemVNum(slotNumber), 0) if app.ENABLE_WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM: self.wndCostume.SetItemSlot(item.COSTUME_SLOT_WEAPON, getItemVNum(item.COSTUME_SLOT_WEAPON), 0) self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(item.EQUIPMENT_ETILSIM, getItemVNum(item.EQUIPMENT_ETILSIM), 0) self.wndEquip.SetItemSlot(slotNumber, getItemVNum(slotNumber), 0) if app.ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM: for i in xrange(player.NEW_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_COUNT): slotNumber = player.NEW_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START + i itemCount = getItemCount(slotNumber) if itemCount <= 1: itemCount = 0 self.wndSecondary.SetItemSlot(slotNumber, getItemVNum(slotNumber), itemCount) print "ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM", slotNumber, itemCount, getItemVNum(slotNumber)
  3. I mean when you hit a metinstone or a mob. There is a limit 21.000.000. I want to make it
  4. Hello people, I have a pretty different server. On my server there is a damage limit and it is like 21 million. I don't know how to increase the maximum damage limit. I changed bunch of things but i couldn't do it. If anyone knows please tell me. (i would like to make it long long)

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