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  1. My anticheat doesn't rely on any metin2 specific functions. regarding to the comment of the code, yes its not practical, but there are more then enough servers with no anticheat, where a bad solution is better then none.
  2. Moin, I had some time again and wanted to try out an idea. The code checks if the client is in focus and only then allows input. Video: https://streamable.com/ysd01f Code: struct handle_data { unsigned long process_id; HWND window_handle; }; BOOL is_main_window(HWND handle) { return ((GetWindow(handle, GW_OWNER) == (HWND)0) && (IsWindowVisible(handle))); } BOOL CALLBACK enum_windows_callback(HWND handle, LPARAM lParam) { handle_data& data = *(handle_data*)lParam; unsigned long process_id = 0; GetWindowThreadProcessI
  3. Yes, never said anything else. but it should keep most shitty botters away.
  4. Moin, I wrote a small system out of boredom which helps to block multiboxxing, you can define in the clientcode how many clients can be open at the same time. The whole thing works with windows mutexes and is completely "clientside" i.e. it's not an "ultimate" solution, but should stop every shit botter and similar. Do note: The code is not perfect. just paste the code into UserInterface.cpp: bool genMutex(int id) { std::string mutex_name = "MultiBoxBlock"; mutex_name.push_back(id); HANDLE Mutex = OpenMutexA(MUTEX_ALL_ACCESS, 1, mutex
  5. So why should we buy from your site, and not directly from OVH ?
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