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  1. Aveline me steal 60E

  2. You are a stealer !!

    1. RoxaLyssa


      His account is broken up if I know it well, so...

  3. quest training_grandmaster_skill begin state start begin when 50513.use begin say_title("Seelenstein") local seelicount = pc.count_item(50513) if pc.get_skill_group() == 0 then say("Du besitzt keine Fertigkeiten, die") say("gegroßmeistert werden können.") return end local result = training_grandmaster_skill.BuildGrandMasterSkillList(pc.get_job(), pc.get_skill_group()) local vnum_list = result[1] local name_list = result[2] if table.getn(vnum_list) == 0 then say("Du besitzt keine Fertigkeiten, die") say("gegroßmeistert werden können.") return end say("Welche Fertigkeit möchtest du trainieren?") say("") local menu_list = {} table.foreach(name_list, function(i, name) table.insert(menu_list, name) end) table.insert(menu_list, "Abbrechen") local s=select_table(menu_list) if table.getn(menu_list) == s then return end local skill_name=name_list[s] local skill_vnum=vnum_list[s] local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) local cur_alignment = pc.get_real_alignment() local need_alignment = 1000+500*(skill_level-30) test_chat("Momentaner Rang: "..cur_alignment) test_chat("Benötigter Rang: "..need_alignment) local title=string.format("%s auf G%d trainieren", skill_name, skill_level-30+1) if skill_level-30+1==10 then title=string.format("%s auf P trainieren", skill_name) end pc.remove_item("50513", 1) say_title(title) say("Durch das Lesen von Seelensteinen müssen") say("dir als Zeichen des Opfers Rangpunkte") say("abgezogen werden.") say("") if cur_alignment<-19000+need_alignment then say_reward("Du hast zu wenig Rangpunkte!") return end if cur_alignment<0 then say_reward(string.format("Benötigter Rang: %d -> %d", need_alignment, need_alignment*2)) say_reward("Beim erfolgreichen Einlesen des") say_reward("Seelensteines wird dir doppelt") say_reward("so viel Rangpunkte abgezogen.") need_alignment=need_alignment*2 elseif cur_alignment<need_alignment then say_reward(string.format("Benötigter Rang: %d", need_alignment)) say_reward("Beim erfolgreichen Einlesen des") say_reward("Seelensteines wird dir doppelt") say_reward("so viel Rangpunkte abgezogen.") else say_reward(string.format("Benötigter Rang: %d", need_alignment)) end say("") local s=select("Lesen", "Abbrechen") if s==2 then return end if cur_alignment>=0 and cur_alignment<need_alignment then say_title(string.format("%s bestätigen", title)) say("Das Lesen eines Seelensteines kostet Rang,") say("wenn du diesen Seelenstein ließt,") say("kommst du in den negativen Bereich.") say("Bitte Bestätige das du diesen Seelenstein") say("wirklich lesen möchtest! Das tust du indem") say("du in den Textfeld das Wort") say_reward("trainieren") say("eingibst.") local s=input() if s!="trainieren" then return end if pc.is_skill_book_no_delay() then pc.remove_skill_book_no_delay() end end if need_alignment>0 and pc.count_item(50513)>0 then -- if pc.learn_grand_master_skill(skill_vnum) then pc.change_alignment(-need_alignment) say_title(string.format("%s erfolgreich", title)) if 40 == pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) then say(string.format("%s ist nun perfeckt Gemeistert.", skill_name)) say("Herzlichen Glückwunsch!") notice_all(string.format(""..pc.get_name().." hat den Skill ~ %s ~ auf Perfekt gelesen.", skill_name)) else say(string.format("Das Großmeistern war erfolgreich!", skill_name, skill_level-30+1+1)) end say("") say_reward("Erfolgreich!") say_reward(string.format("Es wurden %d Rangpunkte verbraucht", need_alignment)) say("") pc.set_skill_level(skill_vnum,pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum)+1) -- else -- say_title(string.format("%s fehlgeschlagen", title)) -- say("Das Großmeistern ist fehlgeschlagen.") -- say("") -- local rang = number(need_alignment/3, need_alignment/2) -- say_reward("Fehlgeschlagen! Es wurden "..rang.." Rangpunkte verbraucht") -- say("") -- pc.change_alignment(-rang) end end function BuildGrandMasterSkillList(job, group) GRAND_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL = 30 PERFECT_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL = 40 local skill_list = special.active_skill_list[job+1][group] local ret_vnum_list = {} local ret_name_list = {} table.foreach(skill_list, function(i, skill_vnum) local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) if skill_level >= GRAND_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL and skill_level < PERFECT_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL then table.insert(ret_vnum_list, skill_vnum) local name=locale.GM_SKILL_NAME_DICT[skill_vnum] if name == nil then name=skill_vnum end table.insert(ret_name_list, name) end end) return {ret_vnum_list, ret_name_list} end end end I will add pc.set_skill_level() for upgrade your skill level Best Regards Aveline
  4. import time class Wait(ui.ScriptWindow): def __init__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__init__(self) self.eventTimeOver = lambda * arg: None self.eventExit = lambda * arg: None def __del__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__del__(self) def Open(self,waitTime): curTime = time.clock() self.endTime = curTime + waitTime self.Show() def Close(self): self.Hide() def Destroy(self): self.Hide() def EmptyFunc(self): pass def SAFE_SetTimeOverEvent(self,event = 0): if(not event): self.eventTimeOver = self.EmptyFunc self.eventTimeOver = ui.__mem_func__(event) def SAFE_SetExitEvent(self,event = 0): if(not event): self.eventExit = self.EmptyFunc self.eventExit = ui.__mem_func__(event) def OnUpdate(self): lastTime = max(0,self.endTime - time.clock()) if(lastTime == 0): self.Close() else: return def OnPressExitKey(self): self.Close() return True ## Example ; self.waitFor = Wait() self.waitFor.Open(20.0) self.waitFor.SAFE_SetTimeOverEvent(self.SecondFinished) self.waitFor.SAFE_SetExitEvent(self.ExitKey) def SecondFinished(self): print "======================================================" print "Second is finished." print "======================================================" def ExitKey(self): print "======================================================" print "Exit Key -- Write Something" print "======================================================" maybe you could work on your business Best Regards Aveline
  5. Programming language my life ^_^

  6. you should be use to mainline_sg or mainline(untouched file) and your client binary is mainline_sg. Best Regards Aveline
  7. SYSERR: May 21 12:45:41 :: RunState: LUA_ERROR: [string "npsistemv3"]:3: attempt to call field `get_level' (a nil value) SYSERR: May 21 12:45:41 :: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest npsistemv3.start leave Your game don't have npc.get_level(). If you are using r2089, applying a diff already it's public, just search If you are using r40k, just look at topics. Best Regards Aveline
  8. Mobile system just for korea. But i think files is missing.. Best Regards Aveline
  9. You can using turkish server base, i think it's still good but another choose ; you can using .invoice server base if you have. Kind Regards Aveline
  10. Are you sure your files is truth? Because if you warp to map after stop loading screen, problem is client. I using offical packs if i were you. Best Regards Aveline
  11. Already you are deleted in char.cpp invisibility bug fixed and this line not work if you want, you can remove it. Best Regards Aveline
  12. if (r_item.price <= 0) { LogManager::instance().HackLog("SHOP_BUY_GOLD_OVERFLOW", ch); return SHOP_SUBHEADER_GC_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY; } in shop.cpp Best Regards Aveline
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