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  1. I love do more of the other races? Thank you
  2. I've already tried, but I'm a novice on the subject. A tutorial would be nice is that I have been with this problem for 2 months, I would like these methods, I pay for it Thank you very much for the reply
  3. Hi everyone, I have my beta server. But I've been around for 2 months with this, and I don't know how to fix it SYSERR: Jul 5 05:52:32 :: socket_accept: accept: Software caused connection abort (fd 13) SYSERR: Jul 5 06:06:33 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 71, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 179, fd: 18 SYSERR: Jul 5 06:06:34 :: Analyze: Accept shutdown p2p command from I put the 3 lines because they are usually accompanied. (Always) I've tested with firewall and some guides in this forum, but none of them fix it. I would be willing to pa
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