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  1. @Dex @MentaLL https://gyazo.com/caec39ed46ad2cd48b227ba8b1bb3e7f any solution? thanks!
  2. I implemented the system, but i've come across a small bug: https://gyazo.com/caec39ed46ad2cd48b227ba8b1bb3e7f i would be glad if you can help me
  3. Wonderful quality of content. Trustworthy!
  4. I love do more of the other races? Thank you
  5. Have if your client is using another folder of skills and the ones they are using .. they may be damaged or others, try unzipping the client integer and search duplicate skill files, if so eliminate leftovers
  6. I've already tried, but I'm a novice on the subject. A tutorial would be nice is that I have been with this problem for 2 months, I would like these methods, I pay for it Thank you very much for the reply
  7. Hi everyone, I have my beta server. But I've been around for 2 months with this, and I don't know how to fix it SYSERR: Jul 5 05:52:32 :: socket_accept: accept: Software caused connection abort (fd 13) SYSERR: Jul 5 06:06:33 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 71, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 179, fd: 18 SYSERR: Jul 5 06:06:34 :: Analyze: Accept shutdown p2p command from I put the 3 lines because they are usually accompanied. (Always) I've tested with firewall and some guides in this forum, but none of them fix it. I would be willing to pa
  8. I am looking for someone who: I do all kinds of jobs I have many pending tasks most of them are python and c + Skype: [ADM]Rusef Discord: KeyMap#3817
  9. Desired encryption found! I don't need it anymore.
  10. As the title says, I am looking for encryption. Stop using .eix and .epk and only use 1 file (example .epk) Skype: [ADM]Rusef Discord: KeyMap#3817
  11. Hello again. I'm looking for a map designer (well) To be precise I look for a citi. Bigger than (originals) Where the center is the safe zone, where there are places that highlight memories ... by jinno shinshoo and chunjo (my idea is a united citi) Skype: [ADM] Rusef Discord: KeyMap#3817
  12. don't explain it well example: I give him a job you give me price if it's right for me, I did it
  13. Hi, I need someone who; make me work, I usually get ideas and others, who need knowledge of; c + c ++ Python lua We would work like this: 1. I tell you what I need 2. you put a price (+ or -) 3. I decide, and if it's okay then we start I have a lot of homework I ask please If you are interested, and will contact me that when I send you 1 task, it doesn't take 1 week to finish it (talking about simple tasks) thanks for your time, MP to me and I share (Skype, Discord) payment system paypal skrill possibly others .. but not
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