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  1. Are you sure is a special inventory problem ? What shop do you use ? If you use Great offline shop there you have your answer to the problem. Also, do you have items with owner_id 0 in player.item ?
  2. The communication protocol is called TCP/IP and I don't think you rewrited that Maybe you rewrited metin2 network library but I don't think you did that either. As long there are libraries as boost asio and many other I don't see a reason to rewrite a full network library from scratch.
  3. That photo is clearly edited in photoshop or some software. Also, doesn't 5%-50% means 100% ? Also, can't you write 70% like 0%-70% ?
  4. Why you reset the position in stack to 0 on game.py ? This will reset the chat message to 32 messages back (if the stack is full, first message you typed anyway) and a user actualy need his last message, not 32 messages ago message.
  5. In theory it can be done, but you need to create a tool to do that because if you try to do it manualy it will take a very long time for a big quest.
  6. Chromium documentation and source are public and is not that hard to implement it, if I have time in the next day i will post a tutorial.
  7. As I said in README file, align it wasn't done. I had a little free time today and I did the align too: (sorry for gif inspiration) https://i.gyazo.com/0db73ed5d1f0080ddf3b605b75093b86.mp4 If something is wrong with the code please send me a private message or reply in this topic and I will fix it. New link: https://mega.nz/file/o8tzXDxB#9FeOGGvcoHRdwP1RrNgloyz-ehLUhuIoo2m2EoZ5fsE PS: Replace the whole code because it has small changes and they are necessarily.
  8. Ymir developers are kind of stupid (or at least the ones that work with metin2). I saw some code from the last months in root and binary and it's bad written, without logic. If is that wrong in client side imagine how it's like on server side. They only thing I think about those function splited is that they probably wanted to make the functions shorter
  9. I'm guesing you are talking about GetLocalPosition(). That function return rect left and top (left top corner). The right code it will look like this: setYPosition = self.text1.GetLocalPosition()[1] setYPosition += self.text1.GetLineHeight() * self.text1.GetTextLineCount() self.text2.SetPosition(20, setYPosition) Or you can use GetTextSize() function like this: self.text2.SetPosition(20, self.text1.GetLocalPosition()[1] + self.text1.GetTextSize()[1])
  10. Before I start it I want to mention that this is an alternative for what @Mali61 posted. You can use either one. How it looks: Download link: https://mega.nz/file/o8tzXDxB#9FeOGGvcoHRdwP1RrNgloyz-ehLUhuIoo2m2EoZ5fsE PS: Please read README file
  11. If you split only by "\n" and not "\\n" you won't need to add that check for editline. Also I know default open file function from python 2.7 escape \n automaticaly but you can fix the \n in two ways: (I'm talking about locale_game / locale_interface) 1. replace all "\\n" in line with "\n" 2. open the file with codecs.open and encoding "string_escape" One ideea though for your code: split the code where the text is initialized and after this save only the positions where \n was in a vector, after that in Render function you can use the position vector to rearange the text y position. Something like this (https://i.postimg.cc/WzNPgLS6/screenshot-136.png) PS: I don't know how official did it but they seem stupid Good job
  12. Yeah, you are right. I saw that shit that I said with the buttons at some server and I thought they are created in game.py. It was something like: "import test" in game.py and test.py with this content like this:
  13. Very usefull if you don't want memory leak (at least from python side). Also you can mention that objects created with no parent need to be deleted manually. (I saw some people creating buttons and stuff directly from game.py and never setting a parent or deleting them). Good job.
  14. Your game have a lot of memory leak and when the ram reaches 4GB the core crashes with an error like: "bad_alloc". You need to solve that memory leak or disable the system that cause it. (My guess is that shit offline shop Great) If you want to remove 4GB ram cap compile the game on x64 (not that easy).
  15. Well, maybe the value is ok but you print it with the wrong format (%d maybe). Long long variables need to printed with %lld format.
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