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  1. Hello, how are you? do you disagree? please let me know.
  2. PvP Server - War. Status: 70-30. All details are discussed in private send message to my discord: [SA]Psycho#5023
  3. Hello community I come looking for who sells me this autopatcher specifically! Do not offer me anything other than this one. My discord link: [SA]Psycho#5023 My Skype: live:robso_07
  4. my error - Help Plss: https://prnt.sc/rb8bfq deathmatch.cpp: In member function 'void CDeathMatchPvP::OnLogin(LPCHARACTER)': deathmatch.cpp:18:18: error: 'STUN_DEATHMATCH' was not declared in this scope ch->AddAffect(STUN_DEATHMATCH, 0, 0, AFF_STUN, 60*60*60*365, 0, 1, 0); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ deathmatch.cpp:25:17: error: 'PK_MODE_DEATHMATCH' was not declared in this scope ch->SetPKMode(PK_MODE_DEATHMATCH); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ deathmatch.cpp: In member function 'void FDeleteStun::operator()(LPENTITY)': deathmatch.cpp:42:24: error: 'STUN_DEATHMATCH' was not declared in this scope if (ch->FindAffect(STUN_DEATHMATCH)) ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gmake: *** [Makefile:183: .obj/deathmatch.o] Error 1 gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
  5. Hello someone could help me solve this error ... When I click the mount it does not appear. sysser: SYSERR: Oct 27 17:36:15.456929 :: Summon: unkown mount [itemVnum 50052, mobVnum 20104, mobType 1 (need 9), owner 10090 LastOrder] She is called the seal goes to the slot below the character but the mount does not appear, this is happening to all even the military horse.
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