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  1. Solved Edit only the first syntaxes with x/y and check not to edit another one because apparently i had one more from a system and editing it causes my client to crash .
  2. Check the line 2207 the syntax it's not good search for tab or spaces .
  3. That was the tutorial for making them + with blessing scroll but instead of blessing code i put pearls for an example , it wasn't for making them at blacksmit .
  4. If you say you edited everywhere then it's strange . Check one more time everything , especially locale_game.txt And if you are crypting with syserr console post it here,
  5. You changed the name for the folder but you didn't changed it in files where the lines ask for specific things . Go in locale/and change tr with en . See if that works .
  6. Go to the stone line in navicat For example dodge stone +4 you search it in item_proto and look for refine_set number Then you go to refine_proto and search for that number Now let's say that you want to set it for asking pearls for +5. vnum0 - 27992(here you put the code that you want) / count0 2 = This means that will take 2 white pearls for the upgrade. You can go on for asking more items on vnum1 count1 / vnum2 count2 , and so on .
  7. Make sure that you didn't edited too much while translating , i mean other lines then text . And see if you have some error in syserr and post it here.
  8. Hello , does anyone know how to add the extra space on inventory in order to add buttons ? Anything will help me since i don't know the line in inventorywindow that add it , and i'm not sure that it's there too .
  9. You really got me there with the first line I didn't messed nothing related to syserr as i said i saw this problem long time ago so it seems that the client is like that . I tried purposedly corrupt files but if the corruption is too small nothing happend but that client dosen't work . I saw now that if the problem is too severe a log display when i try to launch the .exe but it's not helping too much because there it's showing the final reason like _pack_ could not be load due to bad files or some similar things , not like that syserr which would show you the file and th
  10. In order to find the solution it would be wiser to post the error that you get .
  11. I am working right now on improving a random basic client and working a lot on it . It has the syserr.txt file but inside even if the client has an error dosen't display anything , until now i didn't need it that much because i could figure what i have done wrong and fix it but right now i really need to see the errors . Does anyone knows why the syserr it's not working ? Thank you anticipated .
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