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  1. yes , i's own add image all to shop item icon to buy use skype man ?
  2. Hello, I want to add this picture to each item that is added to the shop It can be done? Picture if you can even put in right here where the picture is marked in red the picture
  3. have skype ? , please give your skype
  4. my quest quest map90 begin state start begin when login or levelup with pc.level >90 begin set_state(start) end end state start begin when 20095.chat."Farm Map Lv = (90)." with pc.level >= 90 begin say_title(""..mob_name(20095)..":") addimage(20, 12, "quest_90.tga") say("") say("") say("") say("Salut, "..pc.get_name().."") say("Am o provocare pentru tine.") say("De data aceasta tinutul este cunoscut,") say("dar nimeni nu indrazneste sa intre.")
  5. Hi, I created a maps for farmed And when we make NPC cordonatele folder, or use the command (/ warp Cordon) Give me right here How can I change not to get out of here when I teleport NPC in the map? Please hellp
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