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  1. Thanks man, and sorry FOR the intro.. i'm new to this forum
  2. What font is it and What size http://s204.photobucket.com/user/kklmsfk/media/successrate.jpg.html
  3. What clean serverfile to test with this client?
  4. Hello Metin2Dev! Please tell me a solution for 4 Inventory Pages in Rain SF (2007)... I need a tutorial to upgrade to 40k and I need also a source! Thanks!
  5. Who can help me to install this sf?.. only to configure the ports!!!
  6. Man, I change the ports in serverinfo.py and I starded the server but is not working! I tried metin2client_without_pong and metin2client_with_pong.. what can i do?
  7. Please, can you tell me the ports! It's a very good sf and I want to use it! What I must to do to make the client compatibile with the serverfile? Please can you make a suggest for a binary source? You are the best!
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